Efficiency Analysis

The efficiency of a home relies on many things. From the structure's shape to the materials used for construction, there are many strategies that can be employed to ensure an energy efficient build. Whether looking to remodel or build from the ground up, let's take a look at some places to increase your home's efficiency.

Already a homeowner? Here are a few items that impact your home's existing efficiency. Windows are a large source of inefficiency. Single pane and old frames are expressways for air to seep inside. If your electric bill skyrockets in the months with more severe temperatures, consider contacting us for an energy management analysis. It could be higher because of old and outdated appliances. Beyond dishwashers and microwaves, your furnace, water heater, and air conditioning unit might be old and use more energy than necessary. Check the lifespan of your appliances and consider updating them if they are nearing their demise. Beyond windows and appliances poor insulation in your walls can also lead to loss of heat or cool air. 

If you are looking to build your own residence, here are a few tips to ensure its overall efficiency. The best way to ensure your home is as efficient as possible begins with the before any stones have been laid. Utilizing things like passive solar design and advanced house framing are great ways to start your space off on an efficient foot. These building techniques optimize natural inputs lessening your need for energy. Advanced house framing is a method which reduces lumber use and waste, this is a great way to efficiently use resources when building. Adding south facing windows to let the sun in during the winter and overhangs to shield from it in the summer is a way to employ passive solar design into your build. Another aspect of the build that can be altered is the type of roof. Cool roofs use reflective material to reduce the amount of heat absorbed from sunlight. Green roofs or living roofs are also great at reducing temp while also taking in the sunlight and making something new, foods, O2, etc.

Whether starting your own build or refitting your home, reach out to us for an energy management analysis. We will help you find where the inefficiencies lie and what work can be done. We here at Chason want to provide you the best tools to keep you and your home happy. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!
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