Carbon Monoxide

A common greenhouse gas, carbon monoxide is nothing to mess with. This gas can build up in your home causing sickness and even death in severe cases when left unchecked.

Where does it come from? Carbon monoxide or CO is produced whenever any material is burned. At home sources often include water heaters, clothes dryers, stove tops and ovens, grills, fireplaces and even smoking tobacco. While there is no agreed upon concentration of CO for indoors, the EPA has established outdoors to be 9pm for eight hours. It is important to be alert, make sure appliances are maintained properly. High indoor concentrations usually indicate a carbon monoxide leak and should be looked into. Inorder to minimize your risk install carbon monoxide detectors if you do not already have them. 

There are a few signs to look out for, the most noted is feeling better when away from home. If you live with multiple people and notice feeling sick simultaneously, this could be an indicator of carbon monoxide poisoning. Watch your furry companions, if any of them are showing signs of illness you might look into a possible CO leak. Symptoms may worsen when your fuel is burning i.e. furnace, stovetop, or the ac. Headaches, dizziness, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion are all symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Those who suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma or emphysema, cardiovascular diseases or even anemic may be some of the most affected. 

Are you concerned your home might have a carbon monoxide leak? Consult with us and we will assess your risk as well as how to move forward. We here at Chason want to ensure you, your wallet, and your home are all safe. Reach out to us here today!
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